BarCodes in NetSuite Saved Searches Tips and Tricks

Printing Bar Codes from a Saved Search Using Advanced PDF/HTML Template

As a part of our Tips & Tricks series, we have an updated Bar Codes in Saved Searches How-To article. In the past we shared how to encode in code 39 and 128. However, the updated approach involves a saved search using Advanced PDF/HTML template. See below for step-by-step instructions.


Below is a sample Saved search created to print custom Item Labels.


Sample Saved Search - Bar Codes in NetSuite Saved Searches


It is important to note that any fields you want to print must be added to the Results tab.

Results Tab - Printing Bar Codes with NetSuite Saved Search


After you have saved your Saved Search then click on the “New Template” button. This will link your Saved Search to a new Advanced PDF/HTML template.

New Template Button - Bar Codes in NetSuite Saved Searches How To


After you have completed customizing your Advanced PDF/HTML template, you can test it by running your Saved Search and clicking on the printer  icon.  This will pop up a window for you to select the template you just created.  This template field is sticky and will remember your last selection.

Print Bar Codes Lable - TL Results


After you hit print you can see your results. If you receive a generic error message, try removing your variables ${results.xxxxx} from your template.  A lot of the time it is a variable that is not named correctly in the template code.

Bar Code Label - NetSuite Bar Code Labels NetSuite Saved Search


Now you can link your labels to most transaction forms with an HTML button using an Inline HTML Transaction Body Field.  Make sure that the search and template ids match yours saved search and template.

HTML Transaction Body Field - Bar Code Printing - NetSuite Saved Search Bar Code


You can move and customize your linking button to where you would like it on the transaction form.

Linking Button - NetSuite BarCode Saved Searches

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