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NXTurn believes as does NetSuite that every business must plan for the future of commerce, this is why we are committed to educating our customers on the importance of preparing for this inevitable change.

Every industry has been disrupted by the rapid shift in technology that has brought omnichannel commerce to the mainstream. Customers, whether B2B or B2C, are demanding the opportunity to engage with their suppliers everywhere. It truly is an omnichannel world, and without the right technology supporting them, businesses are being left behind.

NXTurn is passionate about the fact that omnichannel commerce isn't just a feature of NetSuite, it's the foundation on which the solution is built. The features of NetSuite all work together to drive one singular goal—helping you realize your business vision in an omnichannel world.


Business Impact


Use supply chain portals for your vendor, customer, and sales partners to get full control of the business flow.


Build your own business rules into NetSuite with NXTurn's experienced development team and SuiteFlow. This allows you to manage your company's unique requirements with the automation you need.


Reach customers online, by phone, over email, in person and more with omnichannel commerce. Exceed the evolving expectations of today's customers.

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“NetSuite integrates ecommerce, inventory control, order processing, CRM, financial reporting and other functions in a way that really fits our business needs.”

Thos. Baker

“We use NetSuite to deliver a holistic, omnichannel experience that drives customer satisfaction and repeat business while streamlining our operational business processes.”


“NetSuite’s unified cloud-based business management suite has made a huge difference in our business and has us well positioned for our next stage of growth.”

Blue Microphones

“We run our entire business through NetSuite, from design to manufacturing to managing vendors in Asia.”

Ed McMahon, CEO, Epec Engineered Technologies

“Because NetSuite is in the cloud, we can enter new markets faster. We’re very confident NetSuite will seamlessly support our growth outside North America.”

Shaw Industries

“With NetSuite, we've been able to keep our positioning as dedicated to the high-end yacht market, but also improve our business by expanding to new market segments, cutting inefficiencies, and more accurately tracking the needs and buying habits of our existing customers.”

The Superyacht Group

"Our business model has changed significantly from wind turbine to solar development and NetSuite’s high customizability and versatility has allowed us to keep up with those changes."

Urban Green Energy

“Igloo has claimed full control over their online content and presence, thanks to the powerful Web tools delivered by NetSuite.”

Igloo Products Corp

“NetSuite is everything we need in one system—ERP, inventory management, warehousing, CRM and ecommerce. NetSuite’s reliability and on-demand access to a single system of truth has been amazing for our company”

Becker Safety & Supply