SuiteCommerce Baby Basket Website

Baby Basket

Customer Challenges:

The Capalbo's team moved to NetSuite ERP and needed to build out 3 heavily customized SuiteCommerce stores. Their priority was to have a better user experience, a responsive site and allow customers to ship to multiple recipients on the same order as well as select a delivery date for each recipient using a calendar interface during the checkout process. Customers also needed to be able to personalize gift baskets with a ribbon and message. This personalization would also result in an upcharge. The Capalbo's team was also plagued by shipping address errors on the old sites so we needed to implement an address verification system.



Using SuiteCommerce Advanced we were able to heavily customize the entire website as well as the checkout process. The product detail page allows the user to select a personalized ribbon and enter a message for an upcharge which is all controlled by Capabos in a configuration area inside of NetSuite. Using the configuration area, Capalbos can also control delivery cut off times for same-day delivery, van delivery times for local orders determined by a zip code database, messaging for products containing alcohol and more. The checkout was customized to show a delivery calendar along with the cost of shipping for each day. Address verification using Smarty Streets was implemented on all address forms both on the website and in the NetSuite UI. We also implemented a process by which we update the tax code per line item based on the delivery address because gift baskets containing alcohol are taxed differently. With the use of freemarker language, we were able to heavily customize the order email templates sent to customers to meet Capalbo's requirements. This was a very complicated project with 3 total SuiteCommerce websites developed.

SuiteCommerce Baby Basket Website
SuiteCommerce Website for Baby Basket