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We have deep experience with data transformation into and out of leading applications and databases. From NetSuite, salesforce or Intacct to SQL, Oracle or flat files and more we’ve done it.


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NXTurn Integration Service (NIS) provides you with a fast, cost effective, reliable way to integrate and manage external applications and data with your NetSuite account. NIS for NetSuite is an integration-as-a-service that allows you to leverage our enterprise grade platform to quickly connect NetSuite to other systems or partners for a low monthly fee.

You provide access to the data and we do the rest! Our service offers you an opportunity to rapidly integrate NetSuite with almost any other data source or format. We have integrated NetSuite to many on premise softwares as well as most major databases. With heavy experience in the latest NetSuite suiteTalk versions and methods we can integrate your account with nearly any data source in days.

Our service works just like an add on module to your current NetSuite account. An integration is typically created, tested and in production within a week. We can connect your NetSuite account to one or more other systems in a scheduled batch mode or in real time. Once your integration is running we monitor and support it for you.


We charge a setup fee and then an on going monthly fee for this service. There are no hidden fees. If you need to change or add to your integration we include those changes in our monthly fee. For example, if you are moving sales orders from NetSuite to another system and need to add some additional fields to the integration, we bill you nothing for that. It’s included in our monthly fee.


Our service follows a process that ensures your job is created, mapped and running quickly.

We can connect to data sources through web services, VPN, email, HTTP, FTP and many other transport methods. We support secure protocals such as HTTPS, SFTP and FTPS. For example, we can get files from an FTPS server or a SQL server over a VPN connection and then deliver the data to NetSuite using suiteTalk. If a VPN is required we include the VPN setup in our setup fee. We can also accept e-mail as a transport method. If you have an automated e-mail from a vendor that contains a CSV file, we can recieve your email, get the CSV from it and convert the data.

We can integrate nearly any data source and convert the data to any other. Once we have connected to your source and destination endpoints we automatically convert these data fromats into XML. We then freely map the data from source to destination and implement any business logic required, such as transforming field values. For example if you have two different date formats we can standardize these into the date format used by NetSuite.

Once the data is mapped we also can add any workflow needed and schedule the job. For example, we can implement a work flow that says that during a customer import, one customer category is added to a SQL database and another is added to NetSuite. There is almost an unlimited ability to enforce rules and logic related to how and when records are processed. We also set up any necessary reporting and the job schedule at this stage.

Once the job is running, we manage the implementation for you and provide full support. We provide you with performance reports and monitor the jobs in real time to ensure that the data is delivered and any issues are dealt with quickly. We manage changes for you as well. If you need to make any data changes, we make them for you, test the changes and implement them.

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