We are proud to present our custom-built SuiteApps that extend the power of NetSuite including Cash View, Purchase Plan, Recurring eOrders and Shipview. Watch our brief video presentations below to learn more.


Cash View for NetSuite allows users to forecast short term cash flow with a high degree of accuracy by aggregating invoices/bills and user defined custom cash flows. Filtered results can be viewed in calendar and daily/weekly report formats.



Purchase Plan for NetSuite allows users to Pre-allocate purchase order items and quantities from your central distribution facility to multiple locations or stores. Give your company and buyers unprecedented control over strategic inventory allocation and create workflow efficiencies through auto-creation of transfer orders upon product receipt. maintain buyer control and approval of transfer orders prior to shipment.


Recurring eOrders is specifically designed for web-based consumable products companies that want to increase revenues, brand loyalty and customer retention.


Designed to provide shipping profit/loss visibility and fraud detection. Enhanced gross margin analysis across distribution channels allows for review of pricing and special shipping offers made through Amazon, EBay, etc. Shipper charges from FedEx, UPS or other carriers are imported and matched to item fulfillment tracking numbers and sales orders. Exceptions reports are generated for further review and reconciliation. Ship View provides the necessary analytics to properly manage shipping charges.